Melbourne was the most livable city in the world for seven consecutive years up until 2017, according to a research done by Economist Intelligence Unit. Even though in 2018 it has fallen only to the second place, and that is also by a mere 0.7%, it hasn’t lost that charm and inclusivity which invites people from all over the world. Melbourne has held the crown for longer than any other modern city in comparison.

Start in Melbourne

If you are that enthusiastic backpacker or even a one-to-two days visitor, Melbourne has it all. If you just have a day for sightseeing, you can easily plan and take a Kangaroo Island tour, which is close by. Still, exploring the vast wonders of Australia is something one has to do. It is so full of various places and activities, each different from one to another. There are a very few number of countries in the world which offers oceanic expanses with sandy beaches, mountains so beautiful, outback and the heat of a desert, so many species unique and endemic to the continent and so much more.

Plan it out

Are you going alone or is someone tagging along with you? If you do have a partner or a family, or even a group of friends, you must make sure that everyone is in accordance with this sort of outing. A trip of several days, from changing landscapes to inland of a continent can be exhausting. You might not get all the facilities you were used to; you will have to travel in a tourist bus or some other kind of a transportation if you are not taking your own vehicle. Considering the distance it will be cheaper to travel in a group, hiring a common vehicle. There, you may not be able to stop as you please, or even have places to stop along the way. So whoever you are going with must be able to understand the nuances of a few-days’-common-trip from a family outing.

Get the best out of it

When you are engaged in this kind of a long-haul trip, you must take the best out of it. There may be instances where you are just too tired to get out of the bus to see what is going on, or you feel like you will pass on the campfire at night. But remember those are the memories that are going to remain forever. A group tour as such will give you opportunity to meet various sorts of people too. So if you are planning to start Melbourne to Alice springs tours, contactan agent of thorough knowledge and go through the available options. You can choose one which fits you most.
This sort of long distance holidays come once in a lifetime for most people. We are riddled with work every day and this kind of an experience can refresh you like nothing else.