Unique Facts About Manta Rays

The manta rays are a very unique species of marine animals. There distinctive look and body shape makes them different from other marine animals. Their Bird-like flaps help them to swim in water but their flap movements are same as of bird in the air. Generally, there are two species of Manta Ray which still have been discovered. The difference between these two species is mainly due to their size. The bigger manta ray is called Oceanic Manta Ray and the smaller Manta ray is called Reef Manta Ray. As the name depicts, the oceanic manta rays are found in Deep Ocean whereas the reef manta ray lives near coral reefs. Following are some facts about Manta Ray. For more information, please log on to https://www.coralbayecotours.com.au/


The oceanic Manta ray can grow up to 7 Meters. This is the width from one end of their wings to another. But the average size is around four half Meters. Whereas Reef Manta Rays can be around 3 or 3 and a half meters, but the can also grow up to five meters 


Generally, the Manta Rays can live up to 50 years but only limited knowledge is available about the confirmed age range 

Swim Capability:  

With the help of their large span of wings, the Manta Rays can achieve the speed of 24 Km/h while swimming. The Manta Ray is usually not deep ocean animal but they can swim up to a depth of 600 meters. There is a chance that oceanic Manta-Ray can go further deep due to their capability of living in Deep oceans 


Both species of Manta Ray feed on Zooplankton. But large manta ray also hunt for fishes and feed on them 


Manta Rays are one of the large size fish in the ocean. Due to their large size, they have very fewer predators. As they also have good speed, so they are not easy to catch but killer sharks like a great white shark can hunt on a manta ray.  


Manta rays usually jump out of the water while swimming. Researchers are still unable to crack the reason why they do so. But its spectacular sight, seeing manta rays jumping out of water. Till now the myth of manta rays jumping out of water is mesmerizing for many people. The manta rays are not harmful to humans. As they are not human predators and attack on human are rare. So you can swim along with manta rays in water, but usually, you will find this opportunity for reef manta rays as they can be seen near coral reefs. As the oceanic manta rays are in the deep ocean and it is not safe to swim in the deep ocean for human. There will be a threat of predators like sharks or it is always risky to swim away from shore. Living in Australia, whenever you want to see manta ray flying like birds in the water, just go to coral bay. There you will find Ningaloo reef which has an immense population of manta rays, ready to swim with manta rays in Australia you.