How To Not Overspend While Holidaying?

Is the thought of the approaching holidays giving you a headache? Perhaps it is all the work you have to do before it, perhaps it is the fact that your kids will be home all day that’s causing you the headache. But more often than not, it’s the holidaying costs that’s more likely the cause. If you want to take a trip on your holiday, but want to come home guilt free and hopefully not to empty pockets, then here’s what you can do…

Be mindful of the money that you carry with you and spend

Budget your holiday. Allocate a separate amount for all the big expenditures like travelling and transportation, hotels or hostels, food, tourist activities as well as for shopping. Once you’ve allocated and budgeted a certain amount for these, make sure you don’t dip into them when you are short. This is most commonly done when people sacrifice food money for shopping a little extra. As a result, they end up spending foolishly and unnecessarily; and are also hungry to top it all.

Buy and pre-order whatever you can; before your journey

If you are planning on packing light, you might be tempted to “buy as you go”; especially things like toiletries and extra clothing. But it’s a well-known fact that you’ll be spending far more on airports and other tourist’s boutiques for those you can get for half the price at home. Try and buy (and make space for) all the things you find vital. Toiletries, cosmetics and medicines in particular are infamous for raking up your bills unnecessarily. Likewise, try and pre-order and pre-book hotel reservation online for the very same reason.    

Carry small bags  

If you’ve managed to cut the cost of accommodations, even after sea view hotel reservation Hong Kong, then we applaud you. To cut the cost you’ll inevitably make for yourself once you get there, consider taking smaller bags. This serves to discourage you from buying unnecessarily and having to pay for the access. Be sure to carry the right size though, as you don’t want to have to leave behind the essential things. Basically, what we mean is that you try and be smart about your choice of luggage.

Constantly remind yourself to buy only that’s necessary…

And that you don’t have to shop for everyone you know. As for the first part, ask yourself if you have a particular place or particular purpose for every purchase you make. Of course, you must indulge in the foolish once in a while; but only within reason. As for the second; most people find it easy to budget themselves when the purchases are for themselves¾but not so much when it is gifts for others. Remind yourself that it is the thought that counts and not the bigger price…